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Welcome to CKSB Agrifeed!

CKSB Agrifeed is dedicated to supplying the ruminant industry with premium quality livestock feed products that are practical, cost effective and environmentally safe. By utilizing local ingredients from agro-based industries and our in-house advanced microbial technology, we are able to produce probiotics-based animal feed which meets all nutritional requirements for the ruminants to Go, Grow & Glow

In achieving this goal, we work closely with local crop farmers where we secure consistent raw ingredients for the feed. The crop farmers produce plants that contain high quality proteins and energy source as part of our ingredients to produce the feed. 

The feed is scientifically-formulated in-house by our experienced nutritional and technical experts to ensure optimal animal health and performance. 

We are backed by a dedicated team of specialists who are constantly conducting research to develop new generation, more affordable, value-added livestock feeds and related products.