Our Technology


Our Technology

The technology was developed within the group and led by Dr Wan Zahari Mohamed.

Dr Wan is the Chief Technology Officer in the group. He has more than 30 years of experience specializing in agriculture industry. The microbial based animal feed products are formulated in-house by our experienced nutritional and technical team in Malaysia to ensure optimal animal performance.

Our microbial based technologies originated with combined research and development using inter-disciplinary sciences of microbiology, biochemistry, organic chemistry and fermentation technologies.

The research & development team focuses on new product application development from poultry to ruminant industries.

CKSB Agrifeed is also actively developing its enzyme technology to complement and strengthen its microbial technology. This will enhance significantly our objective of becoming a pre-eminent supplier of palm oil-based feed for ruminant, aquaculture, poultry, swine and other livestock.<

Professor Dr Wan Zahari Mohamed

Prof Wan Zahari is a PhD graduate from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK and his specialisation is: ruminant nutrition and mineral metabolism for livestock production.

He was previously employed with the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI). He has been the Director of the Strategic Livestock Research Centre from 2006 – 2010. Throughout his tenure, he has established various research collaborations with several international institutes, e.g. Japan International Research for Agricultural Science (JIRCAS), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

Besides his management experience in the latter part of his career, Prof Wan Zahari has been widely involved in providing technical consultation and technology transfer in the area of livestock nutrition and feed processing, with emphasis on oil-palm and rice by-products as well as feed supplementation.

Prof Wan Zahari has also authored more than 300 publications throughout his experience. Currently, Prof Wan Zahari lectures and cordinates nutrition and ruminant production courses at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UMK.

Latest Update

In 2014, CKSB signed a research and development co-operation programme with A-Star of Singapore, one of the leading R&D institutions in the Republic, to develop special bacterial solutions to improve the protein levels and other characteristics of our PKE animal feed.

The research team from A-Star will be doing research and test to help us obtain more suitable microbes to improve our products and range.

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